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Mind Frames Need A Workout Too

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My Disappearing Blog

Incessant scrolling, including reading, can lead to too much inactivity. Which can lead to poor nutrition choices. Which can lead to poor health. Which can lead to lack of self esteem. Which can lead to needing MORE training. However, not enough scrolling and reading can be just as harmful and can lead to needing MORE training as well.  You will find that even though I do not have any social media, I do have a lot of thoughts to share. For balance and your health's sake, read my latest blog entry... before it disappears. 

To read the latest topic, check back here on, or after, but before the 15th of each month ❤ After, you can share your thoughts with me!

Our Latest Blog Entry

Check back September 15, 2022

Topic: Toxic Positivity

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