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dreams 2 Reality

Health And Wellness Takes A Full Appoach

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This service is available to all my Membership clients. It’s a 30-minutes, 1-to-1 personal fitness and nutrition assessment (virtual). I’ll send you my “Get 2 Know You” questionnaire to fill out ahead of time that will help us make the most of our time together! You decide what our discussion will focus on. Some ideas ...

  • Personal workout modifications
  • Adding challenges to workouts
  • Form techniques
  • Nutrition
  • How the body’s “internal pharmacy” works and how to activate it
  • How to get the different departments of the body’s “waste management system” working more efficiently
  • How to live without pain and inflammation
  • How good nutrition, regular exercise, positive attitude, and rest play a vital role in how you think, feel, and act every day.
  • And more ...

Fitness and Nutrition Assessment

Make use of my experience, background, and training — bring your questions and concerns; I want to help you feel your best self! I approach all my work with a 360° view because you are a whole, 3-dimensional person, not just the challenge you may be facing.

I am a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (certified with Athletics and Fitness Association of America™ (AFAA), an organization approved by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), a leader in the fitness industry.) I also possess a background in psychology and am a Certified Health Coach from the highly accredited and science-based DrSears Wellness Institute.

  • Unlimited-Plus Monthly Members receive TWO free Assessments per year, scheduled when you need and want them. Additional assessments can be purchased individually for $55/each.

  • Unlimited Monthly Members can purchase an assessment for $65 each, scheduled when you want it.

  • If you are curious and/or want to start your health journey with a personal assessment and plan, non-Monthly Membership participants can purchase an assessment for $75, scheduled when you want it.

Commitment Gets You Results!

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