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Corporate Wellness 

dreams 2 Reality offers comprehensive programs that focus on employee health and wellness. I aim to help boost productivity within corporations and organizations in Boston and South Shore, Massachusetts.

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Mind Your Business

You can choose from short-term, medium-term, and long-term consulting programs that are designed for corporate leadership teams. The point is to help strengthen the connection to one’s self and with the rest of team. I make you understand how the mind, body, and core work together. I then let you see how this relationship is similar to how each team member plays a vital role in the corporation he or she works for.

My program focuses not so much on actionable fitness but more on the “why.” I teach fitness tips at your desk or in a meeting. I also offer little workout routines and nutritional health projects, such as planning your meal breaks and preparing the best fuel for your workday.

The Connected Path

This program is 12 weeks long and is minimally invasive to an organization’s workflow. I facilitate a mind, body, core transformation for corporate employees by infusing accountability and nutrition along with fitness inspiration. More details below.

Accountability and Nutrition

Together we will explore important topics such as Your Internal Pharmacy, Making Health Your Hobby, How To Remove Waste From Your waist​, Living Without Pain & Inflammation, Procrastination is Genius, and You're Worth It.

We also offer a much needed in-office support day to conclude our adventure, along with the option to add continued Accountability and Nutrition motivation.

Fitness Inspiration

Let me help you learn about Minding Your Body's Connection, Why Movement Matters​, Fun Fitness Challenges, Loving Those Dreaded Desk Days,Taking a Break, and The Results Are Your Choice.

A much-needed in-office support day is also offered to conclude our adventure, along with the option to add ongoing Fitness Inspiration motivation.

Motivational Speaking

This is a one-time event where I talk about a specific health topic, which a company requested, for the benefit of its employees. Examples of topics are fitness demonstration and employee motivation.

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